Recitation of Soorat al-Kahf on friday

மேற்கண்ட கட்டுரையின் ஆங்கில மொழிபெயர்ப்பு

Recitation of
Soorat al-Kahf 
on friday:

Is there any Special status for reciting soorah al kahf on Friday?

Question: Does reciting Soorat al-Kahf  on Friday count as an act of sunnah or bid’ah?Explain with proof.


There are authentic ahaadeeth from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) concerning the virtues of reciting Soorat al-Kahf.But all the ahaadeeth regarding  reciting soorat al-kahf on Friday are weak (da’eef).


Prophet (PBUH) said: For whoever recites Soorat al-Kahf, will have a light that will stretch between him and makkah, on the day of qiyama(Day of judgement).When Ad-Dajjal (Antichrist) comes after  a person’s recitation of its last ten verses,  dajjal will not be able to overpower  him.(that is to say Dajjal cannot harm him.) 

Reference: Hakim, Volume:2 , page :123

Hadiths with similar meaning are found also in Tabrani’s awsad ( Volume:3, Page 123), Sunan al-kubra (Volume :6, Page :25)  and Musannaf Ibn Abdur Razzaaq (Volume :1, Page:186)  

This hadith has been transmitted by Abu syed al qudri(r) in two ways.In the first its recorded as the opinion of Abu syed al qudri(r) and  in the second its is recorded as the saying of the Prophet(P).The hadith scholars conclude it as the saying of the sahabi. 

Imam Nasa’ee says:To call it as the saying of the Prophet(p) is incorrect.It is the saying of the sahabi(r).(Amalul yawmi val lailaa, volume : 1 Page:173)

Imam Hasim categorises this hadith (Prophet’s saying)  as da’eef.Imam Nas’ee states that the corrrect opinion is that, it is the saying of the sahabi.Imam Daraqutni also reflects the same opinion.(Thalkeesul Kabir, Volume :1, Page:102)

Imam Albani says in his book Irwawul kalil that this hadith is also recorded via other authentic narrations.As there is no availablility of its chain of narration, we are unable to research on this.


Prophet (PBUH) said: Whoever recites the beginning and the end of Sur’ah kahf will have himself filled with light from his legs to head.Whoever recites it completely will have filled light from earth to sky.

Reported by  Ahmad(15073) and Mu’jam al kabeer thabrani (Vol:2,Page:197).

Three weak (Da’eef) reporters are found in Ahmad’s chain of hadith transmission. 

1.The first person is Abdhullah bin Lahia.He is a weak(Da’eef) reporter.We have already given a brief overview of him in “Egathuvam(Monotheism)“ a monthly magazine(run by TNTJ). 

2.Sabban bin bayidh is the second reporter.He is also a weak  (Da’eef) reporter! Imam Ahmad says he is“rejected“ , Imam Ibn Ma’een says he is weak(Da’eef) and Ibn Hibban says he is ,“rejected“ in the field of hadith transmission.He is the only person who reports in a note from Sahl bin mu’ad.This is similar to fabrication(Mawdu‘).He cannot be considered for reporting authentic hadiths.Sajee mentions that he reported several rejected hadiths.

3.Sahl Bin Mu’ad is the third. .He is also a weak  (Da’eef) reporter!.Imam Ibn ma’een comments about him as weak(da’eef).Ibn Hibban after mentioning him as sikath , says if he reports via Saban bin ba’eed it is not counted.( This hadith is narrated via Saban bin ba’eed).

(Refer: Thahdheebut thahdheeb Vol::4,Page :224)

In Tabrani’s report as well, both the weak (Da’eef) reporters Sabban bin bayidh and Sahl Bin Mu’ad are found in the chain of narration.

Similar narration is also found in Ibnul Sinni’s Amalul yawmi al lailaa (page 676).In this hadith as well, the earlier mentioned Abdhullah bin Lahia , Sabban bin bayidh and Sahl Bin Mu’ad are found in its chain of narration.

This is recorded in Musannaf abi shayba(Vol:3, Page:377).This is not recorded as the saying of the prophet(p).Its recorded only as the opinion of Qatadha.He is not even a sahabi.His own opinion  will not become an evidence.


When a person has recited soorah al kahf on the day of Friday, after which if he were to meet dajjal, he(dajjal) will not be able to harm him. Whoever reads the last few verses of Soorat al-Kahf ,will have a light that will stretch between him and Makkah.” 

 Reference: Shu’bul eeman: Vol:3, Page:112

This  is not recorded as a saying of the Prophet(PBUH).It is recorded as an opinion of Abu saee’d al qudri  (r).

Light shine extending to the clouds of the sky?

‘Whoever reads Soorat al-Kahf on the day of Jumu’ah, a light will shine for him from beneath his feet to the clouds of the sky, which will shine for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will be forgiven (his sins) between the two Fridays.’” 

Narrated by Ibn umar(r)

This hadith is recorded along with its entire chain of narration in Tafsir Ibn kathir from tafsir of Ibn mardhawaihi. 

Ibnul khattan says Khalid bin sa’eed found in the chain of this hadith transmission is unknown.Ibn Madhinee also mentions him as unknown. 

(Refer:Thahdheebuth thahdheeb Vol:3, Page:83)


Prophet (P) said:

Whoever recites Soorath al kahf on Friday will be protected from every kind of trail for eight days.If Dajjal comes out,he will be protected from him

Reported by:Ibn umar (r)

Book:Al ahadheethul Mukhthar(Vol:2,Page:50)

Abdhullah bin Mus ab is one of the narrator of this hadith.Ibn Ma’een says that he is weak(Da‘eef).(Reference:Meesaanul I’thidhaal, Vol:4,Page:201)


Prophet (PBUH) said:

Shall I Inform you about a chapter? Its might is as if the space between the  heaven and the earth.The one who reads it shall  have such amount of good deeds.Whoever recites it on Friday will have his sins forgiven until the next Friday.The period is extended  for three more days( Shall I inform you?).Companions of the prophet said “yes”.Prophet (p) said that is sura al kahf.  (Book: Thailami)

Among its narrators is Hisham bin abdhullah bin iqrima almaqsoomi.He is (Da’eef) weak.

Ibn hibban mentions that he narrates baseless narrations.

(Refer: Al lufavu val mathrooqeen li ibnul jawzi,vol:3, Page:175)


Whoever reads Soorat al-Kahf on the day of Jumu’ah, will have a light that will shine from the place he recites to mecca. He will have his sins forgiven between one Friday to the next and for three days more.Angels will seek for his forgiveness thousand times until dawn.Prophet (p) said that he will be protected from madness, all types of  leprosy(skin diseases) and from tribulations of Dhajjal.

Reference:Thadh kirathul maw loo aath - Vol: 1 , page :565)

The author of this books says that this hadith is a fabricated hadith in the name of the prophet(p) and also one of the narrator in this hadith named Ismail is a liar.

Imam Hasan (as) had the habit of reciting Surah al-Kahf (Chapter 18) from the Holy Quran every night before sleeping from his written mus’haf.Also he used to carry it along with him to all his wives home.

(Book:Shu’bul eeman. Vol:2, Page : 475)

This  report  also is not recorded as a saying of the Prophet(PBUH).It is recorded only as a personal opinion of Hasan (r).Therefore this cannot be considered as an evidence(daleel) to act upon .

In Taurath,the person who recites Surah kahf is referred  as Al Haa-ela(barrier).It is  said such because it acts as a barrier between him and the hell-fire.

Book:Musnad al firdaws

Vol:3, Page:215

This  also is not recorded as a saying of the Prophet(PBUH).It is recorded only as a personal opinion of Ibn Abbas(r).Therefore this cannot be considered as an evidence(daleel) to act upon .

All the hadith which speak about reciting Surah-al kahf on Friday is weak(Da’eef).The authentic narrations regarding reciting Surah-al kahf are as follows:


Al-Bara' reported that a person was reciting Surat al-Kahf and there was a horse tied with two ropes at his side, a cloud overshadowed him, and as it began to come nearer and nearer his horse began to take fright from it. He went and mentioned that to the Prophet (may peace be upon him) in the morning, and he (the Holy Prophet) said: That was tranquillity which came down at the recitation of the Qur'an. 

Reference:Bukhari (5011)

This hadith is also recorded in Sahih Muslim(1325),Thirmidhi(2810), Ahmad(17776),Ibn Hibban (Vol:3,page:46), Sunan al Kubra(Vol:6,Page 462), Musnad Tayalisi(Vol:1,Page:97), Mu’jam al Kabir thabraani (Vol:1,Page:208),  and Shu’bal Eeman(Vol:2,page:474).


Prophet(PBUH) said: Whoever commits ten verses from the beginning Surat al-Kahf will be protected  from the tribulations of the Dajjal..(Muslim 1475)

This hadith is also found in Thirmidhi(2811), Abu dawud (3765), Ahmad(20720), Sahih Ibn Hibban(Vol:3,Page:65), Sunanul kubra, Nasa’ee(Vol:6,Page 236),Musnad Ruwyaani(Vol:1,page:404), Ama li al muhamili (Vol:1,Page:331).

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